Friday, September 26, 2008

Wow - I've reached the end!

This has all been very interesting - it's good to know what's out there and I'm pleased that I'll be able to respond intelligently if someone talks to me about wikis, Bebo or Flickr. However I don't think this programme has assisted or affected any of my lifelong learning goals.

My favourites?
Colours and images and playing around with them in online image generators. I may use some of these in the creative side of my job.
Also RSS feeds are pretty amazing, for local newspaper updates and podcasts from favourite programmes particularly, but I probably won't use them as I only want these things on an occasional basis.
I'd used YouTube before and am sure I'll do so again, but again only occasionally when I have something specific to look for.
Call me old-fashioned but really I'd rather stick my nose in a book for hours on end, rather than glue myself to a computer screen (or a TV screen for that matter).

It's obvious that all these online things have to be simple to sign up to and simple to use, but I have been surprised at just how straightforward it all is - the hardest bit has been finding the time to do the exercises!

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

And doesn't it feel great to have reached the end?! You can now go back to curling up indoors on sunny days and outside on rainy ones!

We're pleased you've found the journey interesting and, although it hasn't assisted any of your lifelong learning goals, we can see from your blog that you have found some tools to enhance your creative skills.

Your blog is well set out with thoughtful and relevant comments and it's been a pleasure following you on your journey.