Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't look at my embedded video if you get vertigo!

I'd looked at a few YouTube offerings before doing this exercise - ones that people had sent me links to, or told me about, so it isn't a new experience. A lot are a waste of cyberspace, but many are amusing or informative, or just plain interesting. Access to music (old and new) is amazing!

Libraries could, and do, use this medium to entertain and advertise, as evidenced by those looked at in this exercise, which included a teen rap, a library week promotion, etc. To reach an audience of the unconverted the titles need to be intriguing. I couldn't look at any of the Infotubey-award winning library videos - it froze everything.

The YouTube site has been easy to use, but I haven't stretched its search capabilities too much.

The video I've chosen is no longer on YouTube, but on Brightcove.
This is of El Camino del Rey a walkway which was built in 1901. Mountaineers use it for access to Makinodromo, a sector of El Chorro. I seem to have managed to embed the video but it might be quicker to look at it by going to the link http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1438490562

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